Board Minutes

                                        Thompson Falls Public Library
                                            P.O. Box 337   Thompson Falls, MT 59873
                                            (406) 827-3547

Minutes from the June 13th, 2017 library board meeting held at 5:00 P.M. at the library.

The meeting was called to order by Chair Eileen Turk; Juanita Triplett, John Wozniak, and Lee Suttorp were in attendance.

Public Comments – There were no public comments.

Reading & Approval of the Minutes – The minutes from the April meeting were approved as presented (M/S/C Juanita Triplett/John Wozniak.)  The Library Board did not meet in May.

Correspondence – Trustees received a copy of the Montana State Library Legislative Update for May 2017; it was noted that HB261 make State Aid Per Capita Per Square Mile funds for libraries based on a trigger amount of revenues the state takes in for 2017 and 2018.  In addition, SB261 also places certain revenue triggers that will impact the State Library’s budget.
          Trustees also received a copy of a letter from the Sanders County Treasury letting us know our levies were duplicated during 2016 and we got overpaid by $33,758.  At this time, no steps need to be taken and this will not severely impact our budget.

Claims – The June claims were reviewed and initialed.

Financial Report – The County’s reports, the City’s reports, and the Library’s reports for April and May were reviewed.  Lynette Zander’s report was also reviewed and it was noted that we balance.

Unfinished Business:   There was no unfinished business.
New Business:  The Preliminary FY2018 Budget was approved (M/S/C Lee Suttorp/Juanita Triplett.)
          The Mill Levy was set at 7 and the Board instructed Lynne to send a letter to the County (M/S/C John Wozniak/Lee Suttorp.)   
          Lynne gave copies of the Public Library Standards to all Trustees and asked Eileen Turk as Chair to sign them.  Lynne will mail them to the State Library to be in compliance. 
          Lynne gave Trustees information on staff wages and asked them to consider increases for the new fiscal year; this will be tabled until our next meeting.
          As this is the end of Eileen Turk’s term as a Library Trustee, the board instructed Lynne to advertise for a replacement (M/S/C Juanita Triplett/John Wozniak.)
Reports:  Members received the statistics report for April and May.

The meeting was adjourned (M/S/C Juanita Triplett/John Wozniak.)

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.