Library Policies - Computer/Internet Use Policy

Computer/Internet Use Policy  Revised 4-11-2017

Anyone may use a library computer if they read and agree to abide by this Use Policy.
  • Patrons must check in at the desk and take the computer assigned to them.  Each patron will be allotted 60 minutes of computer time at a Seated Station.  If there is a waiting list, the patron must end his/her session after 60 minutes.  If no one is waiting, the patron may continue.  Patrons may sign up for a 60 minute session at a Seated Station twice per day. 

  • Patrons may reserve a time slot and library staff will make every effort to honor that time reservation; however, patrons should understand that sign-up is “first come, first served,” therefore, a patron’s requested reservation time can not be guaranteed.  Likewise, if you are on the waiting list but not in the library when your turn comes up, your place on the list is forfeited.

  • Patrons needing extra time for tests, etc. must notify the staff at check-in.

  • Only one user is allowed at Computers #2, 3, 4 & 5.  Two people may use computers #1 and 6 but both people must check in at the desk.

  • Printing – B & W prints are 10 cents each; Color prints are 25 cents each.  The printer is located by the circulation desk and patrons should come up and get their sheets after printing.  If you are unsure about printing, ask a staff person to help, as you will be charged for any printing you do.

  • Conduct – Patrons are required to show consideration for other patrons and staff.  When you are done with your computer session, please let library staff know that you are finished.

  • Prohibited types of usage: 
              Adding to, deleting from, or changing in anyway the current set-up of any computer
Viewing illegal or inappropriate material 
Violating copyright law
Downloading software or any executable file

  • Disregard of any of the above may result in loss of computer privileges.

As with other library material, parents or guardians, not the library or its staff, are responsible for restriction and supervision of a child’s access to the Internet.

Library staff can assist patrons in using library computers.  We can offer searching suggestions and answers to basic questions, but may not always be available to provide more in-depth Internet or computer training.  If you feel you need more in-depth help, please see the staff to schedule a time convenient to both.


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